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Rigorous Environmental Analysis and Support for Fishermen

Over the past two years we have financed and participated in numerous environmental studies at great expense. These studies are the most elaborate, intense and all inclusive studies ever undertaken in the history of Belize. Alarmingly, they have proven that if  immediate action is not taken to save Blackadore, the valuable yet declining habitat for Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit will continue to shrink at an alarming rate and eventually disappear. We worked with the Government of Belize and fully supported the creation of the new Hol Chan Marine Preserve even though our project predated the creation of the reserve – because we now know that action MUST be taken or sections of the preserve will suffer and even disappear.

It is our belief that our work is the only chance Blackadore has of continuing to provide a healthy marine habitat. 

We are excited and committed to working with local fishermen and environmental groups to preserve and restore not only Blackadore, but also the incredibly valuable habit for all marine life including Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish and to work exclusively with local fishing and tour guide members for all our guides.

Environmental and Social Benefits of Blackadore Caye

Blackadore Caye is quickly eroding and washing away It needs human intervention to reverse the ongoing decline to the surrounding marine habitat. The massive restoration plan we are undertaking will serve as a world-wide model of natural island protection. When complete we believe there will be significantly more habitat for fish, birds and other flora and fauna. We are excited to involve local fishermen, tour guides, and ecologists in our efforts to restore Blackadore Caye and to engage with future guests.

Learn more about this important movement here.

Restorative Islands

Using development as a catalyst for a whole new way of living and being

Ecological Restoration

How can we address issues of human habitation, conservation and long term, deep sustainability in a way that is good for civilization and humanity as part and parcel of the natural environment?

The Environmental and Social Benefits of Blackadore Caye

Below is a document sharing the environmental and social benefits of Blackadore Caye.  We encourage you to read through to gain a deeper understanding of the incredible potential and impact this project will have in the region and throughout the world in setting a demonstration of how development can be a catalyst for a whole new way of living and being.


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